Submission Guidelines

Global Ambassador’s Journal
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All articles shall be submitted electronically in .doc or .docx format via e-mail at:  
RE: Global Ambassador’s Journal

The submissions shall respect the following requirements:

Format requirements

  • Article should be at least two page at minimum
  • No charts or tables shall be included in the article
  • Title font: Palatino Linotype, 14
  • Body text font: Palatino Linotype, 12, spacing 1.15 
  • Author Name and Affiliation (Embassy)
  • If references are made, they will be included in the footnotes and their author must be quoted
  • Author must submit also a portrait picture and a short biography (max. 100-150 words)

ATTENTION: All submissions sent will be reviewed before publication and are subject to approval by the editorial board. Authors are strongly advised to comply with the instructions given above, aknowledging that their infringement may attract non-publication of the paper sent.

"This journal is dedicated exclusively to in office or former Ambassadors in accredited embassies. Ambassadors who wish to publish can write studies, articles, comments or analyses on a topic of their choice and are entitled to publish only one publication for every issue of the journal."